We offer quick, hassle free rentals of knee scooters, wheelchairs, hospital beds, transport Scooters, and lift chairs

No deposit on the equipment is required. Just use a credit or debit card when you check out!

All equipment is thoroughly sanitized, inspected and serviced after every rental.

Wheelchair Rentals

A wheelchair is a manually operated or power-driven device designed primarily for use by an individual with a mobility disability for the main purpose of indoor, or of both indoor and outdoor, locomotion.

-Most wheelchairs in stock are lightweight with folding desk arms
-Elevating legs rests available
-Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly rentals available

-Diverse sizes available for client comfort 

Portable Shower Rentals

-Showering made easy!
-Unique design allows a wheelchair to be rolled into the shower unit
-Flexible, removable showerhead
-Privacy curtain encloses the entire shower
-Simple, easy setup
-Delivery and setup for a fee, or free pickup in our store
-All units are cleaned and sanitized to our high standards after each rental
-Sales also available

Knee Scooter Rentals

Knee Walkers are a medical mobility device (also referred to as Knee Scooters or Mobility Scooters) that provide a safe, comfortable, and easy-to-maneuver alternative to crutches for those recovering from below the knee injury or surgery, which requires the foot and/or leg to be non-weight bearing during recovery.

- Much easier, safer and comfortable than crutches

- All knee scooters we carry are steerable

- Most models come with a basket

- Folds for ease of transport- Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly rentals available